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            Information and Trends
              行业英语词汇 首页 > 行业英语词汇
            河流阶地: river terrace
            面源: area source
            线源: line source
            点源: point source
            非点源: non-point source
             groundwater 潜水
            groundwater artery 地下水干道
            groundwater barrier 地下水堡坝
            groundwater basin 地下水盆地
            groundwater capture 地下水袭夺
            groundwater cascade 地下水小瀑布
            groundwater cement 潜水泥
            groundwater dam 地下水坝
            groundwater discharge 地下水排泄
            groundwater divide 地下分水界
            groundwater flow 地下径流
            groundwater inventory 地下水总量目录
            groundwater level 地下水位
            groundwater mound 地下水土丘
            groundwater province 地下水区
            groundwater recession 地下水后退
            groundwater recession curve 地下水后退曲线
            groundwater reservoir 地下水储集
            groundwater runoff 地下径流
            groundwater simulation 地下模拟
            groundwater spring 潜水泉
            groundwater table 地下水位
            group 群
            exploitable groundwater 地下水可开采量
            groundwater depression cone 地下水下降漏斗
            字段名 英文名
            站码 station code
            站名 station name
            站别 station category
            流域名称 basin name
            水系名称 hydrometric net code
            河流名称 river name
            施测项目码 item code of obervation
            行政区划码 administration division code
            水资源分区码 code of water resources regionalization
            设站年份 year of station establishment
            设站月份 month of station establishment
            撤站年份 year of withdrawal of station
            撤站月份 month of withdrawal of station
            集水面积 drainage area
            流入何处 flowing-to
            至河口距离 distance to river mouth
            基准基面名称 name of fiducial datum
            领导机关 leading agency (administration agency)
            管理单位 administration
            站址 station location
            东经 longitude
            北纬 latitude
            测站等级 grade of hydrometric station
            报汛等级 grade of Flood-Reporting Station
            备注 note
            站点码 station point code
            站点名 station point name
            测流方法 observation method
            控水目的 purpose of control water project
            控水工程类型 control water project type
            控水工程代码 code of control water project
            控水工程运行规则 operation regulation of control water project
            推流参数 parameter of discharge computation
            引水点名 Location name of pumping
            排水点名 Location name of surface drainage
            实际最大灌溉面积 maximum area of practical irrigation
            上界站站码 station code of upper boundary station
            至上界站河段长 length of reach to upper bound station
            下界站站码 code of lower bound station
            至下界站河段长 length of reach to lower bound station
            高差基数 base of difference in elevation
            流域水系码 codes of hydrographic net of a basin
            调查资料来源单位 office recording investigation data
            区码 code of zone
            区名 zone name
            区类 zone type
            水体总容量 total capacity of water bodies
            灌溉水田面积 area of rice paddy irrigated
            灌溉面积 irrigation area
            城市人口 urban population
            工业总产值 gross industrial output value
            水库和水闸控制面积 drainage area of reservoir or weir or sluice
            调查面积 investigation area
            量算地图比例尺 scale of measured map
            连通试验可靠等级 reliability rank of connectivity pair test
            旁证资料可靠等级 reliability level of data witness
            面积成果合理性等级 reliability rank of area data
            直接上级区名 zone name of prime at first
            调查报告编号 investigation report number
            地理包含关系 geography contain relation
            站点类别 station point category
            年 year
            相关站码 correlative station code
            关系标识 relationship ID
            关系说明 relationship illustration
            主断面迁移号 migration numbers of main cross section
            断面名称 cross section name
            断面位置 location of cross section
            变动年份 changed Year
            变动月份 changed month
            变动日 changed day
            同系列标志 series marker
            变动情况 changed conditions
            水尺名称 gage name
            水尺型式 gage type
            水尺质料 material of gage
            自记台类型 type of stage recorder
            水尺位置 location of gage
            使用情况 use condition
            河段情况 river reach circumstance
            图类型 graph type
            图标题 graph title
            图 graph
            MIME类型 MIME type
            水准点编号 benchmark number
            水准点类型 benchmark type
            变动日期 date of Setup or change
            采用基面名称 adoption datum name
            冻结或测站基面以上高程 elevation above stationary datum
            绝对或假定基面以上高程 elevation above absolute or arbitrary datum
            绝对基面名称 name of absolute or arbitrary datum
            水准点型式 benchmark style
            水准点位置 benchmark location
            引据水准点编号 number of benchmark from which elevation is measured
            变动原因 cause of change
            工程名称 engineering name
            工程名称代码 engineering name code
            开始蓄水年份 begin storing water year
            开始蓄水月份 begining month of storing water
            校核洪水位 check flood stage
            校核库容 check storage capacity of reservoir
            设计洪水位 design flood stage
            设计库容 reservoir capacity corresponding to DSFLZ
            正常高水位 normal high water level
            正常库容 Normal reservoir storage
            死水位 dead pool level
            死库容 dead reservoir capacity
            溢洪道号 spillway number
            竣工年份 completion year
            竣工月份 completion month
            溢洪道长度 spillway length
            溢洪道堰顶高程 elevation of spillway crest
            溢洪道堰顶宽 width of spillway crest
            溢洪道设计最大流量 maximum designed discharge of spillway
            闸组号 gate group number
            孔型 type of sluice or hole
            孔数 count of sluice or hole
            孔高 sluice or hole height
            孔宽 sluice or hole width
            设计最大流量 maximum designed discharge of sluice or tunnel
            翼墙型式 wing wall type
            墩头型式 type of pier head of sluice or tunnel
            堰顶闸底形状 shape of weir crest or sluice bed
            设计灌溉面积 design irrigated area due to sluice or tunnel
            工程地址 location of engineering
            控制面积 control area
            总库容 total reservoir capacity
            最大实灌面积 actually irrigated area due to sluice or tunnel
            最大实引排水量 maximum volume of actual diversion or drainage
            仪器口径 mouth diameter of rain gauge
            仪器精度 precision of rain gauge
            记录模式 recording mode
            获值模式 sensing mode
            绝对高程 elevation above absolute datum
            器口离地面高度 instrument height above ground
            非汛期观测段制 observation regime in nonflood season
            汛期观测段制 observation regime in flood season
            蒸发场位置特征 character of location of evaporation-gauging
            仪器型式 type of instrument(equipment)
            附近地势 nearby topography
            四周障碍物 obstacles around station
            起时间 beginning time
            止时间 end time
            时间 time
            起始日期 beginning date
            旬起始日期 beginning date of a period of ten days
            月 month
            日期 date
            降水量 precipitation
            降水量注解码 remark code of precipitation
            降水日数 number of precipitation days
            降水日数注解码 remark code of number of precipitation days
            最大降水量 maximum precipitation
            最大降水量时段长 maximum precipitation duration
            最大日降水量 maximum daily precipitation
            最大日降水量注解码 remark code of maximum daily  precipitation
            最大日降水量出现日期 occurring date of maximum daily precipitation
            终霜日期 date of frost disappearance
            初霜日期 date of frost appearance
            终雪日期 date of snow disappearance
            初雪日期 date of snow appearance
            终冰日期 date of ice disappearance
            初冰日期 date of ice appearance
            蒸发器型式 type of evaporation equipment
            水面蒸发量 surface evaporation
            水面蒸发量注解码 remark code of evaporation
            最大日水面蒸发量 maximum daily evaporation
            最大日水面蒸发量注解码 remark code of maximum daily evaporation
            最大日水面蒸发量出现日期 occurring date of maximum daily evaporation
            最小日水面蒸发量 minimum daily surface evaporation
            最小日水面蒸发量注解码 remark code of minimum daily surface evaporation
            最小日水面蒸发量出现日期 occurring date of minimum daily surface evaporation
            观测高度 observation height
            气温 air temperature
            气温注解码 remark code air temperature
            平均气温 average air temperature
            平均气温注解码 remark code of average air temperature
            最高气温 maximum air temperature
            最高气温注解码 remark code of maximum air temperature
            最高气温日期 date of maximum air temperature
            最低气温 minimum air temperature
            最低气温注解码 remark code of minimum air temperature
            最低气温日期 date of minimum air temperature
            水汽压 vapour pressure
            水汽压注解码 remark code of vapour pressure
            平均水汽压 average vapor pressure
            平均水汽压注解码 remark code of average vapor pressure
            水汽压力差 difference of vapour pressure
            水汽压力差注解码 remark code of difference of vapour pressure
            平均水汽压力差 average vapor pressure difference
            平均水汽压力差注解码 remark code of average vapor pressure difference
            风速 wind velocity
            风速注解码 remark code of wind velocity
            平均风速 average wind velocity
            平均风速注解码 remark code of average wind velocity
            闸上水位 stage in Sluice Upstream
            闸上水位注解码 remark code of upsluice stage
            闸下水位 down sluice stage
            闸下水位注解码 remark code of downsluice stage
            坝上水位 stage behind dam
            坝上水位注解码 remark code of the stage behind dam
            水位 stage
            水位注解码 remark code of stage
            平均水位 average stage
            平均水位注解码 remark code of average stage
            最高水位 maximum stage
            最高水位注解码 remark code of maximum stage
            最高水位日期 occurring date of maximum stage
            最低水位 minimum stage
            最低水位注解码 remark code of date of minimum stage
            最低水位日期 date of minimum stage
            保证率 reliability of stage
            保证率水位 reliability stage
            保证率水位注解码 remark code of reliability stage
            流量 discharge
            平均流量 average discharge
            平均流量注解码 remark code of average discharge
            最大流量 maximum discharge
            最大流量注解码 remark code of maximum discharge
            最大流量日期 date of maximum discharge
            最小流量 minimum discharge
            最小流量注解码 remark code of minimum discharge
            最小流量日期 date of minimum discharge
            蓄水量 Reservoir Storage
            径流量 runoff
            径流量注解码 remark code of runoff
            径流模数 runoff modulus
            径流深 runoff in depth
            最大洪量时段长 duration of maximum flood volume
            最大洪量 maximum flood volume
            泥沙类型 sediment type
            含沙量 sediment concentration
            平均含沙量 average sediment concentration
            平均含沙量注解码 remark code of average sediment concentration
            最大含沙量 maximum sediment concentration
            最大含沙量注解码 remark code of maximum sediment concentration
            最大含沙量日期 date of maximum sediment concentration
            最小含沙量 minimum sediment concentration
            最小含沙量注解码 remark code of minimum sediment concentration
            最小含沙量日期 date of minimum sediment concentration
            平均输沙率 average sediment discharge
            平均输沙率注解码 remark code of average sediment discharge
            最大日平均输沙率 maximum average of daily sediment discharge
            最大日平均输沙率注解码 remark code of maximum average of daily sediment discharge
            最大日平均输沙率出现日期 occurring date of maximum average of daily sediment discharge
            输沙量 sediment runoff
            输沙量注解码 remark code of sediment runoff
            输沙模数 sediment runoff modulus
            采样仪器型号 model number of sampling instrument
            采样效率系数 efficiency coefficient of sampling
            上限粒径 upper limit particle size
            平均沙重百分数 average percent of sediment weight
            中数粒径 median particle diameter
            平均粒径 average particle diameter
            最大粒径 maximum particle diameter
            水温 water temperature
            水温注解码 remark code of water temperature
            平均水温 average water temperature
            平均水温注解码 remark code of average water temperature
            最高水温 maximum water temperature
            最高水温注解码 remark code of maximum water temperature
            最高水温日期 occurring date of maximum water temperature
            最低水温 minimum water temperature
            最低水温注解码 remark code of minimum water temperature
            最低水温日期 date of minimum water temperature
            冰情注解码 remark code of ice condition
            河心冰厚 ice thickness at river center
            岸边冰厚 Thickness of Border Ice
            冰上雪深 snow depth on ice
            岸上气温 air temperature on bank
            解冻日期 date of ice break up
            封冻日期 ice freeze up date
            上半年封冻天数 number of actual freeze up days in first half of year
            下半年封冻天数 number of actual freeze up days in second half of year
            终止流冰日期 end date of ice run
            开始流冰日期 beginning date of ice run
            河心最大冰厚 maximum ice thickness at river center
            河心最大冰厚出现日期 occurring date of the maximum ice thickness at river center
            岸边最大冰厚 Maximum thickness of border Ice
            岸边最大冰厚出现日期 occurring date of maximum thickness of border ice
            最大流冰块长度 maximum length of ice floe
            最大流冰块宽度 maximum width of ice floe
            最大流冰块冰速 maximum velocity of ice floe
            断面平均冰速 average ice flow velocity at cross section
            最大冰上雪深 maximum snow depth on ice
            最大冰上雪深出现日期 occurring date of maximum snow depth on ice
            春季最大冰流量 maximum ice discharge in spring
            春季最大冰流量注解码 remark code of maximum ice discharge in spring
            春季最大冰流量日期 occurring date of ice discharge in spring
            冬季最大冰流量 maximum ice discharge in winter
            冬季最大冰流量注解码 remark code of occurring data of maximum ice discharge in winter
            冬季最大冰流量日期 occurring data of maximum ice discharge in winter
            春季总冰流量 gross ice discharge in spring
            春季总冰流量注解码 remark code of gross ice discharge in spring
            冬季总冰流量 gross ice discharge in winter
            冬季总冰流量注解码 remark code of ice discharge in winter
            年总冰流量 yearly total ice discharge
            年总冰流量注解码 remark code yearly total ice discharge
            平均冰流量 average ice discharge
            平均冰流量注解码 remark code of average ice discharge
            总冰流量 total of ice discharge
            总冰流量注解码 remark code of total of ice discharge
            最大冰流量 maximum ice discharge
            最大冰流量注解码 remark code of maximum ice discharge
            最大冰流量日期 date of maximum ice discharge
            潮别 tidal type
            潮位 tidal level
            潮位注解码 remark code of tidal level
            潮差 tidal range
            历时 duration
            潮流量 tidal discharge
            潮量 tidal volume
            潮输沙率 tidal sediment discharge
            潮输沙量 tidal sediment runoff
            平均高潮潮位 average high tidal level
            平均高潮潮位注解码 remark of average high tidal level stage
            最高高潮位 Maximum high tidal stage
            最高高潮位注解码 remark code of Maximum high tidal stage
            最高高潮位出现时间 occurring time of Maximum high tidal stage
            最低高潮位 minimum high tidal stage
            最低高潮位注解码 remark code of minimum high water level
            最低高潮位出现时间 occurring time of minimum high tidal stage
            平均低潮潮位 average low tidal level
            平均低潮潮位注解码 remark of average low tidal level
            最高低潮位 maximum low tidal stage
            最高低潮位注解码 remark code of maxiumm low tidal stage
            最高低潮位出现时间 occurring time of maximum low tidal stage
            最低低潮位 minimum low tidal stage
            最低低潮位注解码 remark code of minimum low tidal stage
            最低低潮位出现时间 occurring time of minimum low tidal stage
            平均涨潮潮差 average of flood tide range
            平均涨潮潮差注解码 remark code of average of flood tide range
            最大涨潮潮差 maximum flood tidal range
            最大涨潮潮差注解码 remark code of maximum flood tidal range
            最大涨潮潮差(高潮)时间 time of maximum flood tidal range
            最小涨潮潮差 minimum flood tidal range
            最小涨潮潮差注解码 remark code of minimum flood tidal range
            最小涨潮潮差(高潮)时间 high tidal time of minimum flood tidal range
            平均落潮潮差 average ebb tide range
            平均落潮潮差注解码 remark code of average of ebb tidal range
            最大落潮潮差 maximum ebb tidal range
            最大落潮潮差注解码 remark code of maximum ebb tidal range
            最大落潮潮差(高潮)时间 high water occurring time of maximum ebb tidal range
            最小落潮潮差 minimum ebb tidal range
            最小落潮潮差注解码 remark code of minimum ebb tidal range
            最小落潮潮差(高潮)时间 high water occurring time of minimum ebb tidal range
            平均涨潮历时 average flood tidal duration
            平均涨潮历时注解码 remark code of average of flood tidal range
            最长涨潮历时 maximum flood tidal duration
            最长涨潮历时注解码 remark code of maximum flood tide duration
            最长涨潮历时(高潮)时间 high water occurring time of maximum flood tidal duration
            最短涨潮历时 minimum flood tidal duration
            最短涨潮历时注解码 remark code of minimum flood tidal duration
            最短涨潮历时(高潮)时间 high tidal time of minimum flood tidal duration
            平均落潮历时 mean ebb tide duration
            平均落潮历时注解码 remark code of mean ebb tide duration
            最长落潮历时 maximum ebb tidal duration
            最长落潮历时注解码 remark code of maximum ebb tidal duration
            最长落潮历时(高潮)时间 high water occurring time of maximum ebb tidal duration
            最短落潮历时 minimum ebb tidal duration
            最短落潮历时注解码 remark code of minimum ebb tidal duration
            最短落潮历时(高潮)时间 high tidal time of Minimum ebb tidal duration
            逐时平均潮位 hourly average tidal stage
            逐时平均潮位注解码 remark code of hourly average tidal stage
            平均潮差 average tide range
            平均潮差注解码 remark code of yearly average tide range
            平均历时 average tidal duration
            平均历时注解码 remark code of average tidal duration
            施测日期 beginning date of measurement
            测次号 observation number
            垂线号 numbers of typical verticals
            起点距 distance from initial point
            河底高程 river bed elevation
            河底高程注解码 remark code of river bed elevation
            测时水位 stage during observation
            测时水位注解码 remark code of stage during observation
            垂线方位 vertical azimuth
            断面名称及位置 cross section name and location
            测次说明 note
            引用施测日期 date of quoted observation
            引用测次号 number of quoted observation
            引用起始起点距 beginning distance from initial point
            引用终止起点距 end distance from initial point
            岸别符号 bank symbol
            痕迹类型 trace type
            日 day
            时 hour
            分 minute
            点编号 point code
            点详细位置 point detailed location
            点东经 point east longitude
            点北纬 point north latitude
            点高程 point elevation
            点参数 point parameter
            指认人及印象 witness man's impression
            目击和旁证可靠等级 reliability rank of witness
            痕迹和标志物可靠等级 reliability level of trace or flag
            估计误差范围 estimation error range
            调查日期 investigation date
            起始年 beginning year
            起始月 beginning month
            起始日 beginning day
            起始时 beginning hour
            起始分 beginning minute
            终止年 end year
            终止月 end month
            终止日 end day
            终止时 end hour
            终止分 end minute
            雨情描述 description of rainfall information
            重现期 Recurrence Interval
            重现期统计截止年 cut-off year of statistics of recurrence interval
            目击和水痕可靠等级 reliability rank of witness or trace
            承雨器障碍物可靠等级 reliability level of rain collector barrier before rainfall
            承雨器雨前可靠等级 reliability level of rain collector before rainfall
            承雨器漫溢渗漏可靠等级 reliability level of loss quantity of rain collector seepage or overflow
            水位可靠等级 reliability level of stage
            推算流量方法 method of discharge computation
            水流边界 flow boundary
            推算流量资料可靠等级 reliability level of data used in discharge computation
            推算流量方法可靠等级 reliability level of method of discharge computation
            推算流量成果合理性等级 reliability level of discharge computation
            次水量 water volume of one flood
            水情描述 description of hydrological information
            流量施测号数 number of discharge observation
            测流起时间 beginning time of flow measurment
            测流止时间 end time of flow measurement
            测流方法 Method of flow measurement
            基本水尺水位 base gage stage
            流量注解码 remark code of discharge
            断面总面积 total of cross section area
            断面过水面积 wetted cross-section area
            断面面积注解码 remark code of cross section area
            断面平均流速 average flow velocity at a cross-section
            断面最大流速 maximum flow velocity at a cross-section
            水面宽 top width
            断面平均水深 Average water depth at cross section
            断面最大水深 maximum water depth
            水浸冰冰底宽 ice bottom width
            水浸冰冰底平均水深 ice bottom average depth
            水浸冰冰底最大水深 ice bottom maximum depth
            水面比降 surface slope
            糙率 roughness
            时段类别 category of interval
            水量类别 category of water quantity
            水量 water quantity
            水量测算方法 estimation method of water quantity
            年实测水量占比 percent of observation water-quantity in total
            水量计算方法可靠等级 reliability level of estimation method of water quantity
            水量成果合理性等级 fitness rank of water quantity data
            起时间闸(坝)上水位 upstream stage of beginning time
            起时间闸(坝)上水位注解码 remark code of upstream stage at beginning time
            起时间闸(坝)下水位 downstream stage at beginning time
            起时间闸(坝)下水位注解码 remark code of downstream stage of beginning time
            最大流量出现时间 Occurring Time of Maxmum Discharge
            实测蓄水变量 observed water storage
            调查蓄水变量 investigation storage
            实测灌溉还原水量 observed restoring water quantity in irrigation
            调查灌溉还原水量 restoring water quantity of investigation in irrigation
            水平梯田拦蓄地面径流量 surface water runoff catched by level terraced field
            工业生活还原水量 restoring water quantity of industrial water or domestic water
            实测工业生活还原水量 observed water quantity of industrial water or domestic water
            区内除涝排水量 water quantity of waterlogging control in zone
            实测区内除涝排水量 observed water quantity of waterlogging control in zone
            跨流域引水量 water quantity of interbasin transfer
            实测跨流域引水量 observed water quantity of interbasin transfer
            跨区回归水量 return flow in cross zone
            实测跨区回归水量 observed return flow in cross zone
            跨区回归水量测算方法 estimation method of return flow in cross zone
            跨区溃坝水量 water quantity of cross zone dam-break
            实测跨区溃坝水量 observed water quantity of cross zone dam-break
            跨区溃坝水量测算方法 estimation method of water quantity of cross zone dam-break
            溃坝还原水量 restoring water quantity in dam-break
            跨区分洪水量 water quantity of cross zone flood diversion
            实测跨区分洪水量 observed water quantity of cross zone flood diversion
            跨区分洪水量测算方法 estimation method of water quantity of cross zone flood diversion
            分洪还原水量 restoring water quantity of flood diversion
            跨区决口水量 water quantity of cross zone branching
            实测跨区决口水量 observed water quantity of cross zone branching
            跨区决口水量测算方法 estimation method of water quantity of cross zone branching
            决口还原水量 restoring water quantity of bursting
            暗河交换水量 exchanged water volume between underground rivers
            暗河交换水量估算方法 method of estimating exchanged water volume between underground rivers
            暗河交换水量参证站相似程度 similar level of bench-mark station of exchanged water volume between underground rivers
            暗河交换水量平衡程度 balance level of exchange water between underground rivers
            跨区渗漏水量 water quantity of cross zone seepage
            浅层地下水还原水量 restoring water quantity of shallow groundwater
            实测浅层地下水还原水量 observed restoring water quantity of shallow underground water
            浅层地下水还原水量测算方法 estimation method of restoring water quantity of shallow groundwater
            深层地下水还原水量 restoring water quantity of deep-layer groundwater
            实测深层地下水还原水量 observed restoring water quantity of deep layer underground water
            深层地下水还原水量测算方法 restoring water quantity of deep-layer groundwater
            泉水出露量 capacity of spring
            总进水量 total inflow runoff
            总出水量 total outflow runoff
            降水总量 precipitation
            蒸散发总量 total evapotranspiration
            蓄水水面蒸发增损水量 water quantity extracted by evaporation on water surface
            出口水体起时间水位 stage of overflow water body at beginning time
            出口水体起时间蓄水量 storage of overflow water body at beginning time
            输沙率施测号数 number of sediment discharge observation
            测沙起时间 beginning time of sediment concentration measurement
            测沙止时间 end time of sediment concentration measurement
            测沙断面位置 location of cross section for sediment concentration measurement
            取样方法 sampling method
            断面平均含沙量 average sediment concentration at cross-section
            断面平均含沙量注解码 remark code of average sediment concentration at cross section
            单样含沙量 index sediment concentration
            单样含沙量测验方法 observational method of index sediment concentration
            悬移质输沙率 suspended sediment discharge
            悬移质输沙率注解码 remark code of suspended sediment discharge
            推移质输沙率 bed load sediment discharge
            推移质输沙率注解码 remark code of bed load sediment discharge
            单样推移质输沙率 index bed load sediment discharge
            推移质平均底速 average velocity of bed load
            推移带宽度 width of bed load sediment discharge
            断面平均单宽输沙率 average sediment discharge in unit width at cross section
            垂线最大输沙率 maximum vertical sediment discharge
            垂线最大输沙率相应起点距 distance of maximum vertical sediment discharge from initial point
            单断沙码 code of index or cross sectional sediment
            起始施测号 begin observation number
            终止施测号 end observation number
            取样起时间 beginning time of sampling
            取样止时间 end time of sampling
            沙重百分数 sediment weight percent
            最大颗粒重量 sediment maximum particle weight
            最大颗粒起点距 distance from initial point where measuring the maximum particle
            平均沉速 mean settling velocity
            施测水温 water temperature at measurement
            粒径分析方法 analysis method of particle side
            注解码 remark code
            沙量类别 category of silt-quantity
            沙量 silt-quantity
            沙量测算方法 estimation method of silt-quantity
            年实测沙量占比 percent of observation silt-quantity in total
            沙量测算方法可靠等级 reliability level of estimation method of silt-quantity
            沙量成果合理性等级 reliability level of silt-quantity data
            水量资料可靠等级 reliability level of water quantity source
            冲淤量 sediment quantity of scour-silt
            实测冲淤量 observed sediment quantity of scour-silt
            灌溉挟沙量 silt-quantity taked through irrigation
            实测灌溉挟沙量 observed sediment discharge of irrigation
            工业生活挟沙量 sediment discharge of industrial water or domestic water
            实测工业生活挟沙量 observed sediment discharge of industrial water or domestic water
            跨流域引水挟沙量 silt-quantity taked through interbasin transfer
            实测跨流域引水挟沙量 observed sediment quantity taked by interbasin transfer
            溃坝冲淤量 sediment quantity of scour-silt in dam-break
            实测溃坝冲淤量 observed silt-quantity of scour-silt in dam-break
            分洪冲淤量 sediment quantity of scour-silt in flood diversion
            实测分洪冲淤量 observed silt-quantity of scour or sedimentation in flood diversion
            决口冲淤量 degradation or sedimentation in bursting
            实测决口冲淤量 observed sediment quantity of scour-silt in branching
            总进沙量 total inflow silt-quantity
            总出沙量 total outflow silt-quantity
            测次起时间 beginning time of observation
            测次止时间 end time of observation
            测验断面位置 location of cross section
            冰流量 ice discharge
            冰流量注解码 remark code of ice discharge
            断面平均疏密度 average ice compaction at cross section
            断面平均冰厚或冰花厚 average depth of ice or frazil slush at cross section
            敞露水面宽 open water width
            断面平均冰花密度 density of frazil slush at cross section
            冰花折算系数 adjustment factor of frazil slush
            测流断面位置 location of cross section
            代表垂线平均流速 average velocity on typical vertical
            潮流量注解码 remark code of tidal discharge
            代表垂线号 number of typical velocity vertical
            代表垂线流速 velocity of typical vertical
            潮流期编号 number of duration of tidal current
            潮流期起时间 beginning time of duration of tidal current
            潮流期止时间 end time of duration of tidal current
            测流前低潮潮位 low tidal level before flow measurement
            测流前低潮潮位出现时间 Occuring time of the low tidal level before flow measurement
            高潮潮位 high tidal level
            高潮潮位出现时间 occurring time of high tidal level
            低潮潮位 low tidal level
            低潮潮位出现时间 occurring time of low tidal level
            开始落憩潮位 tidal level at beginning of ebb slack tide
            涨潮憩流潮位 flood slack tidal stage
            涨潮憩流潮位出现时间 occurring time of flood slack tide
            终止落憩潮位 tidal stage at end of ebb slack tide
            涨潮潮差 flood tidal range
            涨潮最大流速 maximum velocity of flood tide
            涨潮潮量 flood tidal volume
            涨潮潮量注解码 remark code of flood tidal volume
            涨潮潮流历时 flood tidal current duration
            涨潮平均流量 average discharge of flood tide
            涨潮平均流量注解码 remark code of average discharge of flood tide
            落潮潮差 ebb tide range
            落潮最大流速 maximum velocity of ebb tide
            落潮潮量 ebb tidal volume
            落潮潮量注解码 remark code of ebb tidal volume
            落潮潮流历时 ebb tidal current duration
            落潮平均流量 average discharge of ebb tide
            落潮平均流量注解码 remark code of average discharge of ebb tide
            净泄量 net outflow volume
            开闸时间 opening gate time
            关闸时间 closing gate time
            开闸前稳定水位 stable stage before sluicing
            闸上最高水位 Maximum stage in Sluice Upstream
            闸上最低水位 Minimum stage in Sluice Upstream
            闸下水位 Stage in Sluice Downstream
            水位差 stage difference
            有效潮差 effective tidal range
            一潮总水量 total water volume of single tide
            一潮总水量注解码 remark code of total water volume of single tide
            一潮历时 duration of single tide
            一潮平均流量 average discharge of single tide
            一潮平均流量注解码 remark code of average discharge of single tide
            一潮最大流量 maximum discharge of single tide
            一潮最大流量注解码 remark code of maximum discharge of single tide
            自变量名 name of independent variable
            自变量值 value of independent variable
            调查报告标题 investigation report title
            调查项目 investigation item
            调查年份 investigation year
            编写年份 redaction year
            调查单位 investigation office
            主编单位 Chief editorial unit
            调查报告内容 investigation report contents
            调查报告格式 investigation report format
            表标识 table ID
            时间残缺记录编号 number of time deformity record
            字段标识 field identifier
            取值 value
            率定次序号 serial number of rating
            闸上水头 head in Sluice Upstream
            闸下水头 Head in Sluice Downstream
            闸门开启平均高度 operation height of gate opening
            闸门开启平均高度注解码 remark code of operation height of gate opening
            闸门开启孔数 count of operation gate opening
            闸门开启总宽 total width of gate-openings
            平均堰宽 average width of weir
            闸孔过水面积 area of wetted cross section of gate openings
            实测流量 observed discharge
            实测流量注解码 remark code of observed discharge
            流态 flow regime
            流量计算公式编号 formula number of discharge calculation
            流量系数 discharge coefficient
            流量系数注解码 remark code of discharge coefficient
            水闸型式 weir and sluice type
            翼墙形式 wing wall type
            平均引水角 average driving angle
            闸上河宽 upsluice river width
            闸下河宽 river width in sluice downstream
            闸门型式 weir gate type
            闸底高程 elevation of sluice bottom
            堰顶高程 elevation of weir crest
            堰顶形状 shape of weir crest
            总孔数 total number of gate openings
            单孔宽 single gate opening width of weir gate
            单孔宽注解码 remark code of gate opening width of weir gate
            平均孔宽 average of gate opening width
            总孔宽 total width of gate opening
            闸门高度 gate height
            平均开度 average gate opening height
            闸墩厚 thickness of pier
            机组号 group number of machines
            站上水位 upstation stage
            站下水位 downstation stage
            站上水头 upstation head
            开机功率 electric power generated or consumed
            开机台数 count of machines in operation
            开机叶片角度 vane angle of machines in operation
            叶轮直径 impeller diameter
            实际转速 practical speed of revolution
            出水阀过水面积 wetted area of outlet valve
            效率计算公式编号 formula number of efficiency calculation
            效率值 efficiency value
            效率值注解码 remark code of efficiency value
            机型 machine type
            装机台数 count of machine
            出水管路断面面积 wetted area of pipe line cross section
            标定转速 rated speed of revolution
            单机额定功率 single rated power
            单机设计流量 single design discharge
            设计扬程 design lift
            驼峰底高 hump bottom elevation
            起排水位 begining pumping stage
            关系线类别 relation curve category
            线号 curve number
            因变量名 dependent variable
            定线数据起时间 beginning time of the data for determining a relation curve
            定线数据止时间 end time of routing location data
            定线数据下限自变量值 routing location lower limit independent variable
            定线数据上限自变量值 routing location upper limit independent variable
            线参数表达式 curve parameter expression
            关系图名 chart name
            适用期起时间 beginning time of application
            适用期止时间 end time of application
            定线点据总数 amount of points for determining a relation curve
            定线方法 method of determining a relation curve
            系统误差 systematic error
            随机不确定度 random error
            线上采样点编号 curve sample point number
            采样点自变量值 curve sample point independent variable
            采样点因变量值 curve sample point dependent variable
            计量单位 unit name
            记录定位标识 record location identifier
            原值 original value
            改正值 corrected value
            处理日期 date of correction
            处理情况说明 correction explanation
            入库标识 identifier of reservoir inflow
            注解符号 remark symbol
            ASCII值 numeric ASCII Code
            注解符号类型 remark symbol type
            注解含义 meaning of remark
            表号 table number
            表中文名 table name in Chinese
            表英文名 table name in English
            字段中文名 field name in Chinese
            字段英文名 field name in English
            字段类型及长度 field type and field length
            空值属性 attribute of "null"
            计量单位 unit name
            取值范围 value range
            主键属性 attribute of primary key
            农历年 lunar year
            农历月 lunar month
            农历日 lunar day
            农历年名 name of lunar year
            农历月名 name of lunar month
            农历日名 name of lunar day
            行政区划名 administration division name
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